James Dickinson - Gulf Coast Blues, New Orleans in the Aftermath of the Catastrophe.

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James Dickinson (Ph.D., University of Toronto) teaches Cities and Suburbs, Social and Cultural Change, Social Inequality and The Senior Seminar, as well as interdisciplinary courses on art and culture in the Baccalaureate Honors Program.  He has been curator of several exhibitions for the University Gallery.  His current research interests include change and the contemporary city, issues in contemporary art, and the sociology of architecture.  He has recently written and published on social theory, the history of welfare policy, the built environment of American cities, contemporary landscape and public art, and architecture and building types.  He currently lives in Philadelphia.

His essay “Still Swept Away: New Orleans Four Months After Katrina” appeared in the March/April 2006 issue of Designer/builder Magazine.

All images in this gallery are © James Dickinson

james-A discarded refrigerator serves as surface for graffiti.gifjames-A flood-damaged villa in the upscale Lakeview section.gifjames-Abandoned convenience store on Esplanade Avenue.gifjames-Abandoned strip mall, St. Bernard parish.gifjames-Beached cement barge, Lower Ninth Ward.gifjames-Built Ford Tough Lower Ninth Ward.gifjames-Car ruined by floodwater becomes rallying cry for the future.gifjames-Danger - Army Corps of Engineers work to repair the breached Industrial Canal leeve.gifjames-FEMA trailer park, St. Bernard Parish.gifjames-Fats Dominojames-First Baptist Church, Gulfport, Mississippi.gifjames-House destroyed.gifjames-Memorial to Hurricane Camille, the last category five hurricane to hit the Mississippi Gulg Coast.gifjames-Park anywhere, St Bernard Parish.gifjames-Robertine McBride and Richard Dimes return to inspect their hurricane-damaged home on Reynes Street, Lower Ninth Ward.gifjames-Swept away, Lower Ninth Ward.gifjames-Tipsy Intersection, Lower Ninth Ward.gifjames-Tsunami-style destruction, Lower Ninth Ward.gifjames-Volunteers from Common Ground.gif
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